Heterogenous Homo-Sapiens

Happy people. People suffering tremendously. Both existing at once.

The only thing that alleviates something of the suffering of the suffering people is the notion that there are happy people alive.

The happy people would rather forget the suffering people even exist.

If the happy people acknowledged the existence of the suffering people, in particular ways described as ‘acknowledge’, then the suffering people’s tool-kit would grow – not just because that alleviation as knowing happy people exist would be justifiable to their own ego and desire for well-being by the relationship between inevitability, powerlessness, and good people.

And yet there’s still inequality. This endeavor begins with inequality. How do happy people come to know of the needs of those suffering? How can they? Will they remain happy? Is there a way forward for the suffering people? By the happy people? I say yes. I say cooperation is the key. Distribute the burden of helping those burdened by the things so much they need the help of others to survive across a large surface area, across a large population of individuals cooperating. If everyone cooperates, in a group, in that system, that surface, then its very probable success is even more probable – almost to the point of being ensured. Part of the problem of being suffering people is not having the help of happy people. A happy person has a long fall then, helping suffering people. They know that they will maybe come to exist as a suffering person in a world of happy people not helping suffering people – and what’s the point if no one is helping. Think A Brilliant Mind and Game-theory.

The wonderful thing about the diversity of humans, is the abundance as a whole our heterogeneity can offer us if we properly cooperate. Proper cooperation begins somewhere around individuality. Think like Captain my captain. Be an individual. Be different. The world needs you to be. And wonderfully nature works with the needs of the world here. It feels so good to be an individual, to have an individual identity, with individual worth and value and space and place. And in that way rid our lives of this foolish idealized concept of competition, of molding, of an ‘idealized’ state. Eugenics is fucking stupid, foolish business.

This heterogeneity allows us to become something like the best we can all offer. Currently social interaction reduces us, I think. We’re all concerned with looking foolish, or looking dumb, or being exposed. We’re flawed and although have the best intentions in theory, in practice for no reason we often cannot follow through with being good, with helping others, with being ‘ourselves’, with being honest. We say dumb things because we don’t know what else to say. We agree with things we don’t agree with because we’re so stimulated to the point of cognitive numbness, socially. There is such an awesome brilliance to the diversity of humans that we cannot see from where we are.

When we humans have some goal (which we have so many) this heterogeneity is our greatest strength. Far from a weakness. The weakest of us serve a vital function to the whole. And the whole does not become homogenous, ever. The whole is made of its parts, necessarily. In those moments when some task no individual can solve puzzles humanity, the whole can solve it. We just don’t. Our social norms and individual fears are scarred. The heterogeneity is polluted with personality disorders and injustice and immorality. For which we are no less heterogeneous, but much less able to cooperate.


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