Causal Divination

Prolonged and aggressive trauma with extreme negative valence can create a reinforcing loop. We often wonder why people today– with all the evidence conflicting with apparent biblical truths – remain christian; the explanations for Christianity in antiquity (as working models correlating with truths of the world) conflict with the fact that Christians today still exist, in-spite of available knowledge that suggest otherwise; a more in-depth discussion about trauma is needed. Perhaps in not only small causal systems (the person, the family) but also large ones (the community, country etc… or even mental representations of the world important) religion breaks a reinforcing loop’s viscous chain reaction; where the individual loses everything without religion (themselves, their well-being, their sanity, their family, their community, and their ‘world’). Atheists who discuss possible ways to remove the influence of religion (because it’s absurd, or dangerous) have to provide something to break the loop – other than religion.


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